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the triCICLO'S tavern

gastronomic tavern

Flavors of the most traditional Madrid with the signature of Triciclo

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La Elisa has a lot to say in the gastronomic panorama of Madrid. A meeting place in the Barrio de las Letras to enjoy the most typical dishes of Madrid cuisine.

Lifelong recipes reinvented for haute cuisine, without losing a bit of the Cañí essence in the preparation.

The caÑí flavor of LAS LETRAS

From the most rogue part of the TriCiclo team, La Elisa was born, a typical tavern with a wooden bar and Castilian cuisine.

On the menu there are succulent aromas and flavors with tradition, well known in Madrid homes, presented in dishes that are meticulously cared for. The union between tradition and renewal, haute cuisine and traditional cuisine, the proposal of La Elisa is to recreate in the same bar or sitting at the table.


Authentic Madrid tavern with the cuisine of the triciclo group 


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